Types of migraines that affect eyesight

Migraine headaches cause a pulsating pain that is usually accompanied by nausea. Such issues can make focusing on work or chores quite cumbersome. This condition is also associated with light sensitivity, as brightness from lights and screens could be unbearable. This article highlights the types of migraines that have such an effect.  

Migraine with aura
Aura is a symptom characterized by temporary vision impairment during or before migraines. Other symptoms that occur in this type of migraine include zig-zag patterns and patches of light. Along with vision-related issues, the aura may be responsible for triggering symptoms like the sensation of pins and needles and weakness or numbness on one side of the body. These symptoms build up gradually and may last for around an hour.

Ocular migraine
Visual, retinal, ophthalmic, or ocular migraine normally affects just one of the eyes. The general symptoms of this type of migraine are much akin to those of migraine with aura. Temporary vision loss and blindness in one eye are salient to this condition. 

Steps to take during visual disturbances
In case you’re out shopping, at work, or driving, it is best to find a safe spot to relax and take deep breaths. This step will help you calm down and phase out the migraine symptoms that trigger issues with eyesight. For those who suffer from chronic migraine, it is advisable to keep an eye mask handy in case of an emergency. Having an eye mask around is a great way to avoid bright lights during a migraine attack, as it gives you the time and space to feel calm. Another useful tip is to consult a doctor for prescribing painkillers that help deal with attacks. Taking this step is crucial, considering the fact that a migraine attack can last anywhere between 4 and 72 hours. Making a note of the visual disturbances that have occurred and jotting them down to record the frequency of attacks is an ideal practice. Sharing such information with an optometrist will help them remedy your migraine symptoms and make attacks more bearable.