Triple Net (NNN) lease – Pros and cons, and how to find NNN properties for sale

Those who work in commercial real estate know that the triple net lease or, commonly called, NNN lease is only becoming popular by the day. Despite the popularity, the NNN lease is still frequently misunderstood by many commercial real estate professionals, and of course, the general public. So, let’s better understand the triple net lease, its pros and cons, and look at how to find NNN properties for sales.

What is a triple net lease?

A triple net lease or an NNN lease is a type of lease agreement in which the tenant agrees to pay for all operating expenses associated with a property and the rent cost. Each “N,” or “net” in triple net designates one operating expense category that the tenant is responsible for. The operating expenses of commercial properties include real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance.

To understand more clearly, in a single net lease agreement, the tenant agrees to pay for one of the above expenses. Likewise, in a double net lease agreement, the tenant agrees to pay for two of these expenses. So, a triple net lease agreement means that the tenant is responsible for all three property expenses.

NNN lease pros and cons


A triple net lease can be beneficial for both owners and tenants. As you imagine from the owner’s perspective, the NNN lease looks quite lucrative. The owners are free from incurring any unexpected or inconsistent costs over time. This ensures that their income from the property remains steady.

When you look at the triple net lease from the tenant’s standpoint, the key benefit is that you get the total control of a property without even owning it. This is helpful when you’re buying a franchise of a fast-food brand, as you might want to give the property a complete makeover and make a few other adjustments before you’re ready for business. Also, since the tenants are taking on most of the cost, these properties are available at lower rent rates.


The tenants mostly bear the downsides associated with triple net lease agreements. Firstly, they take on more expenses, more management, and other responsibilities that come with the NNN lease. Even when the business of the tenants takes a hit, they are still required to pay the same rent cost to the owners. Apart from this, they are also required to pay for weather damage and other repairs.

How to find NNN properties for sale

Finding NNN properties for sale can sometimes be tricky. Many listing platforms do not provide filters that can help you exclusively look for NNN properties and other associated aspects. That said, there exist a few that lets you search for specific properties with NNN leases.

You can explore these below-mentioned platforms to find NNN properties for sale. Some of these will allow you to search properties by asset class, tenant type, and tenant names to help you find a triple net proprietary ideal for you.

  • Reonomy
  • LoopNet
  • CREXi
  • Ten-X
  • Marcus & Millichap