Treatment and home remedies for arthritis

There are almost a hundred kinds of joint pain or arthritis; each with a varying reason and treatment technique. Two of the most recognized types are rheumatoid joint inflammation and osteoarthritis. Even so, apart from the usual treatments, you can deal with the pain in the following ways:

Undertake water-based exercises

Aquatic activities are advantageous for all kinds of age groups. It is particularly useful for individuals who have joint pain, which is characterized by arthritis. The purpose of it is that water helps with resistance, which can help you with increasing the power of activity without feeling a lot of weight around then. Moreover, it additionally gives you the lightness or buoyancy in the water, which helps you support the body weight. This aids in diminishing weight on the joints making it very helpful for individuals who are experiencing joint pain.

Keep your weight balanced

As per a study done by Arthritis Foundation, each pound of the weight in the body can add up to three extra pounds of stress on the knees. Additionally, it adds up six pounds of extra pressure on the hip joints. This pressure can get extremely difficult to take, and hence it can result in the cartilage breaking. So, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your weight in check, joint pain can be controlled.

Opt for tai-chi

Since tai-chi is a low-intensity exercise, you can use its slow and gentle movements. It also helps to increase flexibility and even the muscle strength of the individual. This can help in managing arthritis better.

Yoga is a great option too

Yoga can help in all aspects of your living. It can help balance your mental health as well as physical health too. It not only helps to increase flexibility but also reduces stiffness for patients who are going through arthritis. Adopt yoga in your daily life for a healthy lifestyle.


Hot and cold therapy can be quite helpful as well

Additionally, we also highly recommend hot and cold therapy. This can help in reducing arthritis pain. Heat therapy works by boosting the circulation of blood in stiff joints, while cold therapy can prevent the blood vessel from a slow circulation. This can help in reducing the numbing pain too. People can keep on alternating between these therapies. But we advise you to monitor the temperature as extreme temperatures may end up damaging the skin and the joints.

Additionally, here are some more natural remedies you can adopt:

  • It is crucial to do mindful meditation regularly as it can not only help you improve your overall health but also provide relief to the entire body.
  • Try to intake omega-3 fatty acids as much as possible
  • It is also important to get a lot of Vitamin D, either with the help of supplements or through different activities.


Since there are different types of arthritis, your doctor would need to first diagnose the type and then recommend the right kind of treatment to you. Typically, it entails medication and physiotherapy. In extreme cases, the doctor may recommend surgery too.

In other cases, doctors may prescribe STELARA® to arthritis patients.

STELARA® is a prescription treatment suggested for adults over the age of 18 suffering from moderate or active Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and psoriatic arthritis. It can also be prescribed to children and adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. STELARA® is a biologic that helps slow down and counter the inflammation by suppressing the immune system response.

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