Top 5 investment advisors

Financial discipline is an important trait to acquire. You have come to the right place for people looking for a registered investment advisor, but do not know where to look. Here, we have collated a list of the best investment advisors who are established entities and, hence, quite trusted and reputed. Check out our list of best investment advisors to get the right organization to manage your finances:

  • Morgan Stanley

Some of the highlights of investing with Morgan Stanley is getting full value with a personalized portfolio. Your financial advisor can help you curate the right investment strategy that suits you the best. Apart from this, you would also get comprehensive communication, ensuring that you know what’s in line. The best part is the fees of this particular program is based on the number of assets in the account. We highly recommend you consider them for top-quality investment opportunities.

  • Bank of America

Bank of America has a corporate Global Wealth and Investment Management division. One of the main reasons why Bank of America ranks so high is because it acquired Merrill Lynch post the 2008 financial crisis. This division primarily focuses on two types of clients: people who have more than USD 250,000 (approximately) in assets that can be potentially invested and high-net-worth individuals. Bank of America is quite a trusted name; hence, you definitely can consider them as an investment option.

  • Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo boasts 15,000 wealth managers and prides itself on having over 1,400 branches. The total revenue earned by this company in the year 2018 was around USD 86.4 billion. This entity is one of the best investment advisors in the market and can surely help you expand your portfolio. Plus, they have an excellent record of the market; hence, we suggest you consider them strongly. Their fee structure is also reasonable, and they have no hidden charges. They operate with complete transparency.

  • Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab offers quite a broad umbrella of investor services. While their administration fee and asset management may be a little higher as compared with that of their counterparts, they are worth it. We highly recommend you to visit one of their branches or call their investor services to get started. They would be able to advise on risks and rewards and give you the right options to invest your money. They have over 2,400 wealth managers and 345 branch offices across the States.

  • Vanguard Group

The last option on our list of best investment advisors is the Vanguard Group.

Vanguard stands out on our list because it is a client-owned venture and is not publicly traded or owned privately. As a result, Vanguard can focus on a lot more clients while giving them the opportunities they need, including ETFs, low-cost mutual funds, and financial advice.

All of the entities mentioned above make for the best investment advisors who can help you grow your wealth. So, make the best choice for yourself to protect your hard-earned money.

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