Do not miss these top 10 Black Friday dog foods deals in 2022

Finding the right packaged food for your dog can be exhausting, but finding the right food at a discounted price can be even more exhausting. Thanks to Black Friday Sale 2022, you can expect most dog food brands, stores, and e-commerce sites to slash down their prices and sell at a discount. Let us look at some of these popular brands and sites which are likely to put up products on sale.

Royal Canin

You can enroll in their newsletter and stay updated on any exclusive discounts or coupons available for dog foods. They do not have any discount available currently, but the Black Friday sale will soon open up some great deals and offers. They have dog food for specific breeds according to their age and nutritional requirements.

Blue Buffalo

Known for its quality and safety and the top-grade ingredients used, Blue Buffalo is a preferred choice for many dog parents. They have dry dog food, wet dog food, and even treats for training purposes. The products are categorized into grain-free, high-quality meat, meat-rich and high protein, limited ingredient, specific health needs, natural nutrition for puppies, and prescription formulas. Sign up for their newsletter to get information on the big Black Friday sale this year.


They have both wet and dry food, and you can choose specifications like breed size, age, and also if there are any special requirements like a healthy weight. One of their featured products is the lamb and rice mini chunks which are very popular.


This is a popular e-commerce website for all dog food brands! You can get a variety of options from various brands which have several products for dogs. From dry to wet food to treats, you can explore it all. They usually have several ongoing deals like 30% off treats or 35% off on your first auto-ship orders, and they will likely slash down prices for Black Friday as well.


They are known to keep the Black Friday sale on for a week and not just on the big day, so you will have to keep coming back to the site to get new offers. The deals you get one day may not be available the next as they run out of products and then add further discounts. Make sure to put some dog food items on the wishlist and return to them when the sale is announced.


They offer up to 50% discount on their dog food products. Similar deals might be expected this year as well. They also offer free shipping at a certain minimum order price. Make sure to browse through the website for any offers available and keep an eye out for black Friday sales.

Some brands like Nutro Ultra, Solid Gold, Wild Frontier, and Frozen Raw Dog Food gave almost 50% off their products in last year’s sale. Similar deals are expected this year from these brands and others to get the sale season buzzing with excitement!


You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that you could also get dog food deals on eBay. Several brands put up discounts and offers around the Black Friday season sale, and you can get a huge discount on good dog food products. You can also bookmark a couple of products and come back to them when the sale starts.


For its reasonable pricing, Walmart is also most likely to slash dog food prices during the Black Friday sale. The sale could last either a day or the whole week. The timeline has not been announced yet but keep an eye out.

If you feed your dog any particular brand, they will most likely be having a Black Friday sale this year. Ensure you sign up online or visit their store to get the best deal for the season. You can also look at pet accessories and treats, which may be discounted or on sale.