Cancer – Its treatments and lifestyle changes

There are several types of treatments available for people who have cancer. However, the kind of treatment received will depend on the type of cancer one is suffering from and how advanced it is. In some cases, only one kind of treatment will be required. But, in most cases, a combination of treatments is used to treat the condition.

Here’s an overview of the various types of treatments that are used for cancer.


When used as a treatment for cancer, surgery is done to remove the growth of cancer or tumor. It is the best treatment plan for people with solid tumors accumulated in one area of the body. With the help of surgery, only a part of the body that has cancer can be treated. It cannot be used for the types of cancer that have spread in the body or metastasized in other areas.

Radiation therapy

In this treatment, energy beams with high power are used to kill the cancer cells. These energy beams are usually X-rays or protons. In this type of therapy, either the rays come from a machine that is outside the body and is known as external beam radiation, or the device can be placed inside the patient’s body. This is known as brachytherapy.

Radiation therapy works by killing the cancer cells or by damaging their DNA to slow their progression in the body. When the cancer cells have damaged DNA, they either die or stop multiplying. Once the cancer cells are dead, they are removed from the body through natural break down.


This is used to treat several types of cancer. In some rare cases, chemotherapy can be the only treatment plan for someone who has cancer. But, that is not common, and most people receive chemotherapy in combination with other cancer treatments.

With the help of chemo, the tumor is made smaller in size before radiation therapy or surgery is performed. Chemotherapy is also used in cases there is a need to kill the cancer cells, which might remain after radiation therapy or surgery.

Alternative lifestyle remedies for cancer

In addition to the various treatment options available for cancer, most affected people experiment with alternate treatments. As the cancer advances, it can make the person feel a loss in control over their health and body. At such times, alternative therapies may help. Some of these are:


Keeping your body active during and after treatment can help you manage the symptoms of the condition. Mild exercises can ward off stress and help you get quality sleep. There have been several studies that show that cancer patients who exercise regularly tend to have a longer and healthier life.


Regular massage sessions can relieve you from all the stress caused due to the disease. Massages promote relaxation, and there have been many studies that show that massages tend to alleviate pain.