9 most-returned presents after Christmas

The holidays are a time for joyous celebration and stellar meals. However, it also brings the obligation of exchanging gifts. While some people are excellent gift-givers, others often rely on generic gift listings. This tends to lead to lots of returns. Not only does this have an increased environmental impact, but it also takes a significant amount of time and effort. To avoid the hassle after Christmas, avoid gifting these nine most frequently returned presents:

While shoes are a practical gift, it is important to consider the wearer’s style preferences, size, and comfort when purchasing them. Ignoring these factors is a common reason behind many returns.

Kitchen appliances
Kitchen appliances are also practical gadgets. However, nobody needs two toasters, ovens, or other appliances at home. As a result, many people end up returning these gifts.

Video games
Video games sound like an excellent idea for avid video game players. Unfortunately, many already own these games. As an alternative, consider gifting vouchers or gift cards for video games.

As indulgent as Christmas is, many people go on a health kick right after. Because of this, they often end up returning any sweets or candies they may have received as presents during this time.

Although a popular gift item, candles are frequently returned. This is generally due to personal scent preferences. Instead of buying candles, consider opting for a scent diffuser instead.

Gym wear
Who doesn’t love athleisure today? However, it may be advisable to think twice before purchasing gym wear as a gift during this festive season. There are several size and style variations to consider, leading to frequent returns. It may be safer to opt for hats or socks as gift items instead.

Toddler clothing
Toddler clothing, too, is frequently returned, as people often get the wrong size. If one is unsure about the child’s growth, it may be better to opt for gifts like toys or books.

Most people have a large collection of glassware, with no room for more. As a result, they may return any glassware received over Christmas. As a substitute, it may be advisable to gift drinks or beverages.

Makeup is an incredibly personal choice. It is difficult to get the right shade match or ingredients when purchasing it as a gift for others. Unless one knows exactly what the other person’s preferences are, steer clear of gifting makeup products. Instead, get a gift card from a beauty store.