7 mistakes that can make one’s skin look older

While skincare has become an essential part of people’s daily routine, one can make tiny mistakes that can take a toll on their skin health. Even the most informed people can overlook essential steps and practices to adopt for skin that looks young and is clean, dewy, and smooth. These missteps can be brought on by misinformation, and so here are a few skincare mistakes one should avoid to keep premature aging at bay.


Excessive exfoliation increases the risk of breaking the skin’s barrier, leaving it vulnerable to inflammation. Exfoliants, physical or chemical, if used often, can strip the skin’s protective layers and dry it out. Dry skin is more prone to developing lines, wrinkles, rashes, and flaky texture.

Picking at the skin

A serious mistake that can make one’s skin age faster than they are is picking at one’s skin. Picking and poking one’s blemishes can irritate and damage the skin and spread bacteria around the surface. Instead, one should consult a dermatologist and figure out a treatment plan to get rid of stubborn marks and acne, which does not introduce scars and wrinkles.

Choosing the wrong moisturizer

Moisturizer is one of the skin care products most people get wrong as people can choose the moisturizer that does not match their skin type. Further, lathering up a moisturizer with an extremely thick consistency can lead to clogged and congested skin. While a lot of people use excessive moisturizer to help with dry skin, this can again lead to the early appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Overnight deep moisturization is a convenient and easy way of protecting the skin if one uses the right moisturizer.

Choosing the wrong sunscreen

Skipping sunscreen is a bad idea regardless of whether one is indoors, traveling in an air-conditioned vehicle, in the winter, or working from home. Staying protected with the help of broad-spectrum sunscreen makes it easier to avoid sun damage and skin diseases. However, choosing the wrong sunscreen could be just as harmful. For example, if the sunscreen does not suit one’s skin, it can cause acne. Try out a non-comedogenic sunscreen that does not make and leave one with clogged pores and acne.

Not getting enough sleep

Sleep helps the body get some rest and repair time and is crucial for maintaining skin health as well. During this period, the skin works hard at repairing itself and restoring the glow it loses throughout the day. If one is sleep-deprived on a regular basis, their skin is more likely to lose its original glow. It can also take away the skin’s repair time and increase oxidative damage—the damage caused by free radicals on the skin cells. This damage is known to cause premature aging resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, collagen depletion, and loss of skin elasticity. One should get adequate sleep and also use overnight deep moisturizing lotions or creams right before bedtime.

Not washing off makeup
Many feel exhausted and just want to crawl into bed at the end of the day. Although skipping one’s nighttime skincare routine once in a while is also normal, one should not leave their makeup on overnight often. Not only is makeup more difficult to wash off the morning after, but it can make the skin break out, and certain products can make the skin vulnerable to skin diseases. Washing one’s face at night, along with the neck and chest, protects the skin from sweat, pollutants, and grime.

Popping pimples

Occasionally breaking out and developing pimples might not be that big of a deal, but if one pops pimples to make them go away faster, it could irritate the skin. Not leaving the zits alone could leave marks or scars on one’s skin. It is one of the worst mistakes that contribute to faster skin aging. The constant prodding, picking, and poking at the skin can lead to irritation and wrinkles. Experts suggest taking care of acne using natural products or having them treated under an expert’s guidance.

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