7 home foods that you can feed dogs

When eating at the table, you might notice a pair of puppy eyes earnestly staring at you, waiting their turn to have the same food you are having. As dogs have a different digestive system from humans, some foods are unsafe for them, but some are safe to eat as well. So the next time you see those curious eyes staring back at you, feed them your food and also love. 

Human foods that are safe for dogs
There are many everyday food items you can feed your dogs, but don’t forget that every breed isn’t the same. So any food that is given to them should be in moderation, ensuring they remain healthy and happy. Here are some of the human foods that are safe for dogs and puppies: 

Carrots are not only a good source of nutrients for humans but dogs as well. These veggies provide canines with vitamin A, which is incredibly good for their immune system, coat, and skin. Giving them pieces of carrot as a snack also makes sure they chew and remove the pieces of plaque from their teeth. 

Peanut butter
Peanut butter is one of the tastiest treats for your puppies and dogs. This food is a rich source of proteins, fats, and vitamins, making it an incredibly healthy snack for your pet. Before you give them a taste of it, make sure that it does not contain sugar substitutes that are fatal for dogs. Instead, try feeding them no-sugar and all-natural peanut butter that is tasty and healthy. 

Dairy products
Your dogs and puppies can taste yogurt, but make sure it is plain and given to them in small amounts. Other dairy products such as milk and cheese are also safe for them, but if they are in large portions, they may end up causing digestive problems for your dogs, as they possess low levels of lactase, which helps break down the sugars in milk. 

A piece of chicken is an amazing source of nutrients such as protein, making it suitable and safe for your pets. It can be served either raw or cooked, depending on your pet’s preference. But when serving them chicken bones, ensure they aren’t cooked, as they can splinter and cause harm to your dogs and puppies. 

The next time you have some fish on your plate, do not be afraid to slide a bit down to your dog. Salmon and tuna are incredibly good for their health as they are rich protein sources. The omega-3 fatty acids in such fish also help keep your pet’s skin, coat, and immune system healthy. 

Plain popcorn
Who doesn’t love some popcorn? It’s the same for your pets, too, a treat will always excite them! Popcorn contains magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus, which keep your pet healthy. But before you serve them a handful of popcorn, make sure that it does not contain any salt, sugar, or butter, and also there are no unpopped kernels in their snack that might choke them. 

Cooked turkey is completely safe for dogs and puppies, but ensure it is unseasoned and plain. Turkey is a rich source of protein and is hence added to a lot of commercial dog foods as well. 

In addition to these homemade snacks/ food items, make sure also to give them proper dog food that ensures a healthy balanced diet and contains ingredients like vegetable oil, fish oil, wheat, and oat groats that cater to their specific needs and overall health, including their digestive system, immune system, skin, and coat. Some of the best ones are Hill’s dog food, Purina dog food, Blue buffalo dog food, Royal Canin dog food, Nutro dog food, etc., whose prices range from $18  to $68.

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