6 payroll software for small businesses

Be it a large business or a small one, paying employees on time, and keeping them happy is essential. If you want to establish a smooth and effective payroll system for your small business, then using payroll software will help you achieve those goals.

Below is a list of the top 6 payroll software for small businesses that you can try today.

Gusto Payroll

This software offers an HR platform with employee benefits and payroll options. Some of the features are employee profiles and self-service, workers’ comp administration, health benefits administration, PTO tracking, and customer support. The software is available in three different versions. Apart from the basic benefits, the other versions offer added options that enhance the experience. The highest-priced Gusto Payroll version is priced at USD 149 each month, and an added USD 12 for each employee.

QuickBooks Payroll

When looking for payroll for small businesses, you must consider this software. The basic version offers facilities such as calculating paychecks, paying employees, and filing year-end forms. The higher-priced version has added benefits, such as payroll taxing, same-day direct deposit, assistance with setting up the payroll, user-based permissions, time tracking (via the mobile app), HR support center, employee onboarding, additional customer support, and personal HR advisor. This version costs about USD 37.50 for the first three months and then USD 125 each month and USD 10 for each employee.

Patriot Payroll

If you are looking for a more affordable option, then this is the software for you. The basic version offers payroll setup and support, direct deposit or paycheck payments, and flexible payment schedules. It will cost only USD 10 every month and USD 4 for each employee. If you want added benefits like federal, state, and local taxes filing and deposition, you need to shell out USD 30 each month.


If you are looking for free payroll for small businesses, then this is the one for you. Some of its best features include direct deposits, tax calculations, tax forms, vacation tracking, outside software integrations, HR functions, reporting, and live customer support. The free version works for businesses with less than 25 employees.

ADP Payroll

Advanced Data Processing (ADP) is a known name in the business software sector. Some of its best features offer payroll via the computer, mobile app, tablet, or phone call, direct deposit, payroll delivery, reporting, general ledger interface, tax filing, employee access, new-hire onboarding, and employee discounts. You can opt for a higher plan for HR management options, too.

OnPay Payroll

If you want payroll software to maintain hourly pay contract hiring, then the OnPay Payroll tool can help. It has some useful features such as unlimited monthly payroll, tax filing, tax payments, direct deposit, printed check, multiple pay rates, scheduling, unemployment insurance withholding, payroll reports, integrations for accounting, and time-tracking. It costs about USD 36 per month and USD 4 per person per month.

You have the flexibility of choosing one payroll software from these many options, so you are sure to find the one that meets your specific needs.