6 foods people with prostate cancer should avoid

Nutritious food can play a significant role in maintaining and improving our overall health. On the contrary, some meals may be unhealthy, especially for individuals with health complications, including prostate cancer. The disease is characterized by symptoms like regular urination, blood in the urine, and weak urine flow. Certain foods may aggravate or trigger the symptoms of prostate cancer, leading to other complications, and should hence be avoided as far as possible.

Red meat
People who opt for meals with large portions of red meat are at risk of developing prostate cancer or worsening their symptoms. Red meat like hot dogs, beef, and pork contain heterocyclic amines (HCAs)—carcinogens detected in cooked meat. HCAs are said to be linked to the development of multiple cancers.

Full-fat cheeses
Excess consumption of dairy products like full-fat cheeses should be avoided. Their high-fat content has been associated with c-peptide concentration, which may lead to the aggressive development of prostate cancer. Other dairy products to steer clear of include yogurt, butter, cream cheeses, and ice creams rich in fat.

Coffee and other caffeinated beverages function as diuretics. They may dehydrate an individual faster and increase the urge to urinate. And someone with an enlarged prostate might find it challenging to relieve themselves, which can cause discomfort. So, one should avoid caffeinated beverages, especially if they have prostate cancer.

Hot sauce
Hot sauce, curries, chili, or foods with loads of spice may also harm people with prostate cancer. The ingredients in such condiments could inflame the bladder and prostate, which may worsen urinary symptoms in men.

Sweetened beverages like sodas or baked goods rich in sugar (glucose) like pies, cakes, and cookies are harmful. This is because cancer cells grow on carbohydrates, which may put one at risk of developing prostate cancer or worsening the condition.

French fries
French fries are starchy foods that render acrylamide and carcinogenic compounds, including heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, when heated at high temperatures. Despite being crispy and delicious, these compounds in French fries are known to aggravate health conditions in the body, including prostate cancer. Foods like fried chicken and doughnuts may also increase the risk and symptoms of the disease.