5 ways to ensure your smartphone is secure

Smartphones have evolved with time and become more efficient against threats. Regular security patches help minimize the risk of potential vulnerabilities and attacks on sensitive data on the phone. But manufacturers are known to discontinue a device’s security support after a few years. Such smartphones are at a higher risk of a data breach. So if you use an older unsupported device, you must remember these tips to keep it safe from malware.

Identifying phishing attacks
A phishing attack occurs when a hacker poses as an officially verified company and asks for sensitive information. These attacks occur through email, text messages, and even over a call. On granting access to data, hackers may acquire your bank account and credit card details. To identify a phishing attack, you must check for details like misspelled URLs and poorly designed websites and double-check the sender’s authenticity by calling the company in question.

Avoiding unverified apps
Both Android and iOS devices have dedicated app stores with verified and safe apps for purchase and download. But people sometimes install unverified apps from sources other than Google Play and Apple App stores. These versions may have all features unlocked for free but might contain a string of malware that will siphon off personal data from your phone.

Checking app permissions
Some apps request permissions to access your location, contacts, calendar, messages, camera, and other smartphone components data. Sometimes, these apps seek information that is completely unrelated to their purpose. Be careful of such software on your smartphone, as it can intercept your messages and steal your baking information.

Using an antivirus
When manufacturers discontinue security updates, antivirus companies step in to safeguard your device from malware. These apps are free or paid, based on the features you require. Antivirus software can improve your device’s security by preventing threats that even we cannot identify.

Upgrading the device
There’s a limit to protecting your device from threats after the brand discontinues support. Electronic parts also wear out with time, so we recommend upgrading your smartphone once its manufacturer support has ended. Upgrading your device for a new model may get you a discount on the final price.

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