5 unique and useful gift ideas for men

Role models as fathers, eternal partners-in-crime as brothers, and indispensable support systems as husbands, men perform multiple roles for which they are seldom credited. Acknowledging the important people in our lives does not require considerable effort. Simple yet thoughtful gifts can go a long way in conveying your gratitude without involving gallant proclamations. If you are looking to surprise a significant gentleman in your life, here are some unique gift ideas for him:

Fashionable smartwatches
If a male family member or friend is “walking the extra mile” for fitness, consider surprising him with a classy smartwatch. Modern smartwatches ensure overall well-being in several ways. For instance, they send “drink water” reminders, track exercise routines, have functional sports modes, and monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep. They can also be easily integrated with cell phones, notifying users of calls and messages and allowing them to access mobile apps.

Smart mugs with temperature control
Know a man who loves steaming hot coffee but is too busy to drink it hot? A smart mug with a temperature-control feature is your ideal gift to him. Such mugs retain the coffee’s temperature for approximately 1.5 hours, allowing users to enjoy their beverage at leisure without having to reheat it.

Perfume sets
The olfactory sense is equally important as the visual faculties in striking a stellar impression. Reputed brands offer perfume gift baskets containing the choicest of perfumes, pleasantly surprising your loved one’s sense of smell!

Carry-on closets
A carry-on closet is an ideal gift for the hero in your life. It helps a person pack smart and avoid overpacking or forgetting essentials. It is also handy for carrying several travel items while staying organized.

Grooming kits
A grooming kit can help motivate men toward self-care. The best options comprise several grooming products, including trimmers, skin creams, face packs, aftershave lotions, and nail kits. You can also choose personalized grooming kits for your loved one, depending on his requirements and preferences.

Another great gifting idea for men is a magazine subscription. With a range of magazines to choose from such as Wood, Men’s Health, Car And Driver, Smithsonian, Cook’s Illustrated, Fortune, and more, you can find one that piques his interest the most, for a gift that he will truly enjoy!

Men often appreciate the smallest gestures and remember them fondly for a long time. So, this year, surprise the special men in your life with thoughtful gifts and watch their faces brighten up with glee!