5 tips on avoiding concert ticket scams

Concerts are the ultimate celebration of one’s favorite artists and their work. Thousands of people buy concert tickets each year, with some falling victim to fraud. There are several ways to buy tickets even if they are sold out. They can be found on various artist websites or fan pages. Scammers take advantage of the buyer’s urgency and scam for phony passes or fake tickets. Here are some tips to avoid falling prey to them.

Tips to avoid scams while buying concert tickets

Buy tickets ahead of time
As the concert date approaches, the likelihood of fake tickets spreading increases. Buying concert tickets as soon as possible reduces the risk of fraud or overpaying. Buying tickets directly from the venue or a reputable website is best to avoid scams. Before purchasing a resale ticket, check the website for consumer protection policies and a money-back guarantee.

Verify ticket details
Check all the information and conditions listed on the ticket before making the payment. Verify the accuracy of the ticket’s information against the official event details. A minor error on the ticket can sometimes indicate a scam. Also, verify the phone number and email address listed on the concert website. In such a scenario, consider cancellation and refund policies in an emergency.

Use payment methods with protection
Many credit cards allow users to be reimbursed for fraudulent payments. Choose a card that provides this security over cash or other payment methods when making a purchase. If a website specifically requests payment via wire transfer or gift card, it is most likely a scam. Avoid any websites that don’t let users choose their payment options.

Watch out for fake websites
Pay close attention to the URL when buying tickets from a website to ensure no spelling errors. Scammers typically create websites with domain names duplicates of well-known company names. This makes them difficult to spot. Read previous reviews and look for prior customer experiences on that website to ensure the ticket’s authenticity.

Check the information on the community pages
Many fan pages and communities will be aware if tickets are available for resale after they have sold out. People in these groups genuinely support the artist and do not want fans to be exploited. Check out different fan pages to find the best source to buy tickets safely. Report any unknown website or vendor promising tickets to prevent others from being duped.