5 popular oral flea and tick treatments for dogs

A single tick on your pet dog is reason enough to be concerned about their wellbeing. That’s because ticks multiply constantly, and before you know it, your pet will be prone to allergic reactions, irritations, hair loss, and unstoppable itching. What’s more, they’re bound to become vulnerable to many diseases. So here are a few popular chewable tablets to ward off such abominations from your dog and to prevent any recurrences. 

Simparica Trio
Simparica Trio is an FDA-approved chewable that can protect your pet dog from ticks, fleas, hookworms, ringworms, and heartworm diseases. It is also safe when it comes to giving it to puppies who are eight weeks old and weigh about 2.8 lbs. Simparica Trio is also the first monthly chewable, which means you only have to give it to your pet once a month. The brand claims the pill is capable of killing off deer ticks in eight hours and fleas within four hours of administering the chewable.

The BRAVECTO® chewable must be given to your pet once every 12 weeks. Such dosage allows you to protect your dog and save on costs simultaneously. Despite the extensive time gap in its dosage, the chewable is known to last three times longer than other monthly treatments out there. What’s more, it is FDA-approved and is also vet recommended, placing it among the reputable and trusted medications for dogs.

Among other popular brands stand the NexGard® chewables. These are known to get rid of ticks and fleas quickly, with month-long effects. The treatment is also effective against black-legged ticks, thus preventing infections such as Lyme disease. You can administer this chewable orally to pet dogs as young as eight weeks and those who weigh about four pounds right to adult dogs. 

The Trifexis® chewable is a beef-flavored, monthly tablet with a primary focus on killing and preventing fleas from infesting your pet. It can also prevent heartworm disease and reduce and restrict infections from roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. It works for dogs who are eight weeks old. It is also suitable for those who weigh over five pounds.

Interceptor® is another beef-flavored chewable administered to dogs who are four weeks of age or older and for those who are above two pounds in weight. The tablet is also tiny in size, which makes it an ideal oral medication for smaller dogs. Interceptor® chewables can prevent the occurrence of heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis. It also protects dogs from hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms.

We also recommend speaking to a vet before administering any chewable to your pets.