5 early bird Black Friday deals to expect

Black Friday is one of the most awaited shopping seasons of the year, and individuals wait eagerly for brands to release deals on various categories. This year will be no different! If you’ve been looking to buy something for yourself, for a loved one, or you’d like to spruce up your house, this is the time to shop. Several sites and brands also give out early bird Black Friday deals; here are some to look out for!


They usually have early Black Friday deals, and the same is expected this year. There is a possibility of countdown deals that can last throughout the week, change every day or within a couple of hours, and there might even be random drastic price drops or changes according to a pre-decided calendar. It is recommended to keep this bookmarked and look out for deals every couple of days till the main Black Friday sale. They have sales on all categories of products – smartphones, TVs, speakers, toys, and such.

Best Buy

Best Buy is usually known for its stock of tech items, and early Black Friday deals mean you may just get your favorite gadget at a huge discount. Instead of going to the store, visit their website and keep your reminder on. Look for deals closer to the shopping season and treat yourself to the most exciting discounts available. You can even avail of financing options or several gadgets. Check to see if the terms and conditions allow you to use these offers on Black Friday deals as well.

Bass Pro Shops

They have something called a DoorBuster deal, which is essentially their version of the Black Friday sale. The brand is also known to extend their sale window till even after Black Friday! Bass Pro Shops deals with any needs and requirements for outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, and boating. They have exclusive discounts on the gear, any other equipment and even clothing from this category.


Apple may have a Black Friday sale on their website; however, also look out for other e-commerce websites or brands that stock Apple products. These are likelier to have bigger discounts, especially as part of early bird Black Friday deals. If you have been eyeing any of the new smartphones or watches, wait till the deals are up and grab one quickly. You might also be able to get a good cell phone plan with your Apple device.

Bath and Body Works

This beauty and personal care brand is famous for its early Black Friday deals. You can also anticipate fantastic discounts in 2022, with deals on hand soaps, fragrances, essential oils, and other self-care products. Turn your bathroom into a DIY spa session at no high cost and pamper yourself thoroughly. The brand even has a candle and gifts section if you are looking to give a loved one a special surprise.

Apart from these sites and brands, look out for other popular brands like Samsung, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Dell, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, and some brands which are your personal favorite. Nordstrom is also known for its early bird Black Friday deals, and their catalogs have beauty products, clothing for men, women, and kids, an activewear section, and even accessories. Apart from personal care, they also have a home decor section, which is popular for its varied stylish options. From bath and bedding, kitchen, dining, luggage and travel, pantry, electronics and music, and even outdoor living, Nordstrom caters to everyone’s needs. You can also check some pet brands and sites which may offer early bird Black Friday deals on pet toys, food, accessories, beds, and whatnot.