5 bad habits that affect kidney health

Everyone has a unique preference for doing certain things in life. However, some food and lifestyle choices might not be the best decisions when preserving a healthy mind and body. These bad habits can be the path that could lead you to poor kidney health and even failure. It’s not too late to make amends. Rectifying some small habits can go a long way in relieving the pressure on the kidneys.

Not drinking enough water
Drinking adequate water is essential to eliminate waste products from the body. It helps flush out the excess sodium, potassium, and other minerals and toxins from the body. It is one of the most effective ways of avoiding kidney stones and related kidney diseases. However, people with existing kidney conditions might need the doctor’s permission and assistance to limit and regulate their water intake.

Going heavy on the salt
Since high blood pressure is one of the conditions that can put the kidney at risk, it is essential to limit salt intake. Excessive use of salt in foods is one of the bad habits that need to be avoided since it could lead to kidney failure. It is responsible for uncontrolled blood pressure levels, which can further increase the risk of developing kidney-related problems. It is advisable to add herbs and other seasonings to food to add taste and flavor.

Compromising on sleep
There is no doubt about what a good night’s sleep can do for the body and organs. The healthy sleep cycle holds the power to regulate the workload on the kidneys and increase their efficiency. It helps decrease the pressure on the kidneys by providing rest and recovery to the whole body. 

Sitting for extended hours
Research shows that sitting for extended periods could be doing more harm than was initially thought. However, there is more to know about how exactly is a sedentary lifestyle linked with poor health of vital organs like the kidney. It has been found fundamental in increasing the risk of kidney concerns and failure.

Intake of sugar and sweet foods
Increased sugar intake can also amplify the risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure. Both of which are leading causes of kidney diseases in patients. It can be easily found in common desserts and beverages and some other foods that might not be conventionally perceived as sweet. It is important to leave out sources of sugar in meals to maintain healthy kidneys and avoid the risk of failure.