4 must-try styling hacks for a trendy look

Achieving a fashionable look that stands apart can be challenging, especially when you’re in a hurry. But the clothes you wear and how you wear them say a lot about you, so you must be careful. You might have noticed that many influencers and celebrities tweak everyday outfits to create a unique style so effortlessly. Here are a few styling hacks even you can try with simple clothing and accessories to look cool.

Esthetic and fit
Fit is one of the most critical style elements that make your outfit cooler. A snug fit creates a streamlined look and gives structure to any outfit. Once you have the right fit, pay attention to color. Monochrome colors can make men and women look taller. Also, don’t hesitate to experiment with layers. Choose darker colors for the outside layer, covering the lighter shades to create that perfect contrast. You can even add a blazer or a smart jacket to transform any casual or formal attire quickly.

Essential tee hacks
Women can try out several 30-second cool T-shirt styling hacks for an entirely different look. Let’s say you want to wear a loose-fitting t-shirt without making it look baggy. First, hold the seams on opposite ends and cross fold your T-shirt inwards. Then, tuck the excess fabric inside your jeans or pants without altering the fold. You can also use a rubber band to neatly bind the extra balled-up material before rolling over the fabric and tucking it in nicely. Try these hacks on clothes that are easy to fold, preferably cotton T-shirts.

Styling with accessories
You don’t have to deck up with accessories from top to bottom. Just add some jewelry and color coordinate with a cool belt to make that outfit pop. A single large piece of jewelry will immediately draw everybody’s attention. The same goes for belts worn over elegant gowns and cocktail dresses. Stylish layered belts help accentuate your midriff area. Colorful scarves also go well with different types of outfits. Mix and match simple accessories to see what works best.

Posture and confidence
No matter how stylish or colorful your outfit is or how well you follow the different styling hacks, confidence and posture are equally essential to completing the ensemble. Whatever you plan to wear or use as an accessory, wear it with confidence and maintain a proper posture.