4 factors to remember while buying cat food

Buying cat food seems easy until you’re faced with tons of brands and different options to choose from. The question then is, what should you choose? Better yet, how do you choose? To make this process simpler, here are four pointers that will help you pick the right cat food for your beloved pet.

Understand your cat’s nutritional needs
Before you even get to the part of buying the cat food, you need to understand your cat’s nutritional needs. These needs can vary from cat to cat. Once you’ve understood this, you can narrow down your choices for the kind and brand of food you want to buy. Typically, cats need proteins, taurine, vitamins, minerals, and tons of water. Make sure the kind of food that you are choosing fulfills these essential requirements.

Read the label
When you have to pick the right foods for your cat, you need to start by reading the label. The label of any cat food will provide you with all the nutritional information that you need. You can first start by looking for the source of protein. Ensure that they mention the source of the protein such as chicken, turkey, lamb, or beef rather than simply mentioning ‘meat’. You also need to check for sources of vitamins and minerals. The label will also contain information regarding the expiration of the product. Another thing that you must look out for when buying cat food is AAFCO’s approval.

Look for ones with added health benefits
Another great thing about cat food is that you can get tons of health benefits from one package. From foods that are tailored to give your cat a shiny coat to those that help promote digestive health, you can find them all. Foods that provide these additional benefits not only keep your cat healthy but also help them look and feel good. For a shiny coat, you can opt for foods that are rich in omega fatty acids. For promoting a healthy and optimized digestive tract, you can look for foods that have probiotics, such as chicory root.

Cost is not everything
Something that we all need to keep in mind is that the price does not necessarily mean everything when it comes to buying cat food. That being said, opting for cheap cat food without doing the proper research can do your cat more harm than good. Cheaper foods are typically filled with tons of fillers and can be harmful in the long run. This also does not mean that the more expensive, the better. Remember that it is up to you, the vet, and your cat to decide what works for them.

If you’re still having trouble choosing the right cat food, here are some popular brands that you can try.

Natural Balance Pet Foods: It is grain-free, contains high-quality sources of proteins, and is available in canned form.

Whole Earth Farms: It is available in multiple flavors, completely grain-free, and has high-quality ingredients.

Wysong Geriatrx: It is tailored for senior and aging cats. It is available in multiple sizes and flavors and is made from quality protein sources.