4 top brands for flame-resistant clothing

Flame-resistant clothing is crucial when it comes to jobs that have a dangerous work environment. In fact, the company makes it a part of worker safety protocol to make sure all the employees are wearing fire-resistant clothing on site. Accidents like flash fires or combustible dust, and such are prevented by these specifically engineered and designed sets of clothing. There are some popular fire-resistant clothing options that keep workers safe.

Bulwark FR
Popular for their lightweight FR (flame resistant) overalls, Bulwark is one of the first choices for many employers in the industrial category. Their products are lightweight and specifically designed to resist a hot working environment. Not just that, if your workers are somewhere in the warmer region of the earth, these overalls help keep the body temperature cool. Since a warm climate can lead to heat strokes as well, these lightweight overalls minimize risk.

Carhartt FR
If your workers do not require an overall, you can opt for an FR shirt. These shirts are durable and get the job done. In fact, some prefer this instead of the overall, as a full-body FR cover may not be needed, depending on the industry and the kind of work. The shirt can also be regular office wear because of its aesthetic design and look. The company has some other options as well.

National Safety Apparel, as the name suggests, sells one of the most popular and in-demand FR apparel. It is easy to browse through their official website and get an idea about the types and styles of clothing. They also have a Hi-Vis shirt that is flame resistant and has high visibility, making it a convenient choice for many employers. Miners and even construction workers are known to flaunt this kind of design when working in a hot environment.

Tyndale FRC
This is another brand that is popular amongst employers for their workers’ safety gear under FR clothing. They have a range of options and styles that would make the work look seem professional and not clunky with heavy full-body suits. They have full sleeves t-shirts that solve the purpose of keeping workers safe from the heat.

Since working conditions can be risky, always ensure quality over pricing and make sure to choose the best for your workers.