3 easy ways to boost Wi-Fi speed


Today our daily lives run on the internet, and most tasks require a good Wi-Fi speed. You might not think much about how fast your internet is until, one day, you are hooked to a series and see a loading icon appear on the screen. While you might hold the internet service provider responsible for the slow connection, you might be making a few mistakes and can fix the issue yourself. 

Slow Wi-Fi can cause lags and interrupt meetings or even movie nights. So here are a few simple ways to improve your Wi-Fi speed:

Place the router in the open
Before rushing to change your provider and looking up “fiber internet in my area,” you should check the placement of your router. If your router is hidden inside a cupboard or surrounded by walls or shelves, the Wi-Fi signal can be affected, contributing to slow connection. So, you should place your router in the open, away from walls and other electronic devices.

Change the tech
Technology is constantly evolving, so getting the latest hardware can help you get better features. So, check the router you are using, and if it is an old one, you can switch to a newer router to increase its bandwidth. Newer routers can provide faster connections owing to their faster data transfer speeds.

Get an extender
If you have a big space and the router cannot cover certain spots in your home or office, then you should consider opting for a Wi-Fi range extender. While this may not enhance the speed of the original connection, extenders can help boost the coverage of your Wi-Fi modem. These devices are usually easy to set up and can make a huge difference in multi-storeyed spaces. They can be plugged into the electrical sockets, and here too, placement is quite important to make sure you get coverage throughout the space.

So the next time you face an issue with your Wi-Fi, you can try opting for the abovementioned easy fixes. Alternatively, if none of these steps work, you can get faster internet by looking up “Wi-Fi near my area” to find the best service providers.