15 Hidden Samsung Watch Hacks to Try Today

Those who use Samsung’s premium smartphones might also want to invest in the brand’s smartwatches. Models like the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch6 pair with smartphones wirelessly, helping one get the most out of their handsets. While one can use these watches to make and receive calls and text messages, these are not their only features. The following are some hidden Samsung watch hacks that make them worth the investment.

1. Customize the watch face
The Galaxy Wearable app offers a variety of watch faces that let users customize their Galaxy Watch5 or Galaxy Watch6. If someone does not like the preloaded option, they can download new ones with a different dial design, font color, and number styles. However, a few premium watch faces must be purchased by paying a fee.

2. Track sleep patterns
Samsung’s smartwatches allow users to track sleep. Whether losing sleep because of work-related stress or sleeping too much on vacations, the watch can help one identify unhealthy patterns. Individuals can enable these features by visiting the Samsung Health app on their smartphone.

3. Enable the Bixby virtual assistant
Bixby is among the more underused Samsung features. Individuals can command this smart assistant to call a friend, play a song, send messages, set alarms, and do much more without removing their cell phone from their pocket. All one has to do is say the wake-up command, “Hi, Bixby,” followed by the task. Bixby makes everyday tasks much easier and improves productivity, making it a must-use feature.

4. Customize the side buttons
Another advantage of Samsung watches is that one can customize most features. For instance, one can change the Galaxy Watch5 or Galaxy Watch6 settings so that the side buttons perform specific actions, such as answering calls and taking photos. Moreover, the same button can be set to perform different actions depending on whether it’s tapped or long-pressed.

5. Personalize the home button
Even the home button can be personalized in a Samsung watch. For instance, one can change the settings so their favorite app opens by double-pressing the home button. Users can also use this hack to create a reminder quickly, view recent apps, or even open Spotify. Personalizing the home button helps save time navigating endless icons on the watch.

6. Reorder the widgets and apps
Since smartwatches have small screens, everything can seem rather cramped. Consequently, navigating features might take a lot of work. With that in mind, Samsung lets users edit or reorder apps, widgets, quick settings, and other elements according to their preferences. This helps individuals navigate the device easily. It’s one of the most valuable features that Samsung’s watch users must try immediately.

7. Modify the background
Users can set a different background color on the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch6. This is an excellent benefit since not all customers like the dark system-wide background. Users can change the system-wide background by visiting the watch’s settings on their phone and clicking Display > Background style.

8. Take screenshots on the watch
Interestingly, Samsung users can take screenshots on their smartwatch. To capture screenshots, one must swipe from left to right while simultaneously holding the home button. The images are stored in the watch’s local storage, but individuals can move them to their phone using the wearable’s Gallery app.

9. Use gestures to control the watch
As mentioned, Bixby lets users attend calls, take pictures, and configure other settings on the watch hands-free. However, if one does not want to use Bixby, one can perform these actions using gestures. For instance, one can move their wrist up and down twice to answer a call. However, this feature is turned off by default. Depending on the model, one can enable gestures by going to Settings > Advanced features > Gestures.

10. Listen to music offline
One can use the Galaxy Watch’s in-built storage space to store music and listen to it later, even without an internet connection. Similarly, one can store images on the watch and view them later. One can send music or images to the watch by opening the Galaxy Wearable app and clicking “Add content to the watch.”

11. Explore the water lock mode
Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch6 are waterproof. However, water can trigger accidental swipes, causing the device to call or text one’s contacts. The water lock mode helps avoid these mishaps while swimming.

12. Try every available mode
Besides the standard Do Not Disturb mode, Samsung’s smartwatches, like the Galaxy Watch5 and the Galaxy Watch6, have three other silent profiles: Good Night, Theater, and Watch-Only. These allow one to optimize the smart wearable device depending on the situation.

13. Use SOS during emergencies
Users can configure the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch6 to send an SOS request when in danger. One can choose the contacts they would like to reach out to during these times. Pressing the home button thrice in a row can trigger the SOS.

14. Free memory using the Wearable app
The Wearable app lets users free storage and remove cache files to make the Galaxy Watch work faster. All one needs to do is hit the Clean Now button and seamlessly unclog the smart device for better efficiency.

15. Stop getting buzzed twice
When users receive a notification, both the watch and smartphone buzz. If one does not like being told the same thing twice, they can visit the Companion app and choose to receive a buzz on either device.