15 common mistakes to avoid when working from home

Working from home comes with its challenges and, of course, some benefits. On one side, you avoid the hassle of traveling, getting ready for work, and preparing for a daily routine working remotely. Conversely, you are also in unfamiliar territory, sharing a new workspace with family members. So naturally, there could be a lot of friction during the first few weeks. So, here are some common mistakes to avoid when working from home.

Not managing expectations
Understanding how much work can be done in a remote setup is important. You need to set realistic expectations and outline goals clearly.

Not buying work essentials
A decent work chair and desk setup with ergonomic equipment is necessary to avoid head or neck cramps or body strains.

Having distractions
Do not leave the TV or the music player on while working. It’s a distraction that will only affect your productivity.

Burning out early
Proactive task-taking outside work can display productivity, but overworking may lead to burnout.

Not communicating effectively
Communication gaps can only lead to misunderstandings and create an unhealthy situation. So, it’s necessary to establish proper communication channels.

Always being available
This isn’t necessarily a healthy habit to develop as it will only lead to early burnout when expectations are not fulfilled.

Not keeping the family informed
You should inform your family members of your schedule to prevent unexpected situations.

Not having a routine
Since your working hours are fixed, you must devise proper time management strategies to ensure productivity with other tasks at home.

Isolating yourself
Working from home can lead to social isolation, so taking proactive measures to stay connected is essential.

Micromanagement hampers productivity and increases the workload for both the assigner and assignee.

Neglecting health
Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and maintaining a proper sleep schedule can prevent health complications from working solely from home.

Neglecting family
It’s crucial to prioritize the needs of your family members and not use work commitments as an excuse to neglect them.

Not using technology properly

Learn the basics of virtual meeting settings so that there are minimal glitches.

Working on the weekend
Procrastinating during the week will only lead to delays and force you to work on the weekend.

Putting off skill development
Continuous learning is essential in professional development. Consider enrolling in online courses or learning a new skill to hone yourself. It will help you enhance your knowledge and expertise.

Apart from avoiding the abovementioned mistakes, investing in the right office supplies can help make working at home easier. Here, one can consider using a custom whiteboard to note down ideas and daily tasks. One can go for printed whiteboards to create a work calendar. Alternatively, an online whiteboard can help encourage collaboration, allowing team members to refer to the board and keep track of deliverables.